Bringing the Gospel and discipling the businessmen, professionals, and Market places for Christ…

Students of today, leaders of tomorrow! Thus, reaching out to the students today with the Gospel will transform our nations tomorrow. But, when these leaders are transformed today, the transformation will take place today as too.

Church Planting

Businessmen and professionals are the current leaders of the country. They are influential through their finances, ideas, actions, and at the same time, their positions. However, unfortunately, very few Christian ministries are reaching out to this sector. WHY? Because Christians are intimidated to go and tell them about the Gospel. Perceptions of Christian leaders and Pastors are that these people are hard to reach, they don’t need God so they ignore and just give up.

We know the fact that these groups of people also need to hear about Jesus and need to know God, they need God’s salvation, and they need to become Christ’s followers too. However, the issue is: Someone needs to go and tell them with sincerity and passion. Based on my experiences, there are many challenges in reaching out to this sector. But with God, all things are possible. We just need to be available vessels of God. We need to allow God to use us to reach them.

I think this is an urgent need. We can’t neglect or ignore it. They need God’s salvation like we do and God loves everyone, poor or rich. Everyone is precious in God’s eye. For the past 25 years, since I joined God’s ministry, my heart is full of passion to reach them for the Lord. When they are saved, they can influence others. They can actually use their earthly resources to grow the Kingdom’s works faster and stronger.

For the past 25 years, I have been organizing countless Business outreaches and fellowships – small gatherings and big gatherings resulting in many of them hearing about Jesus and some are coming to know the Lord Jesus, and join the churches. They are using their influences to help the churches and also reach out to other businessmen and professionals for Christ as well.

I am still committed to reach out to even more of them. I am still passionate to inspire them, pushing them, encouraging them, and calling them to come and work together so that we would have a strong team to accomplish bigger and greater things for God and to reach out more and more people in the market place and business world for the Glory of God. Amen.

Would you join us in prayers and supports so that we will have the power of God to help reach them for the Lord? Pray that God will remove the bondage and humble them when they hear about Jesus and let them know that they are lost and nothing without a Savior, that they need Jesus to be their Lord and Savior.

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